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COVID-19 and Patients with SCI

Educational Resources

Courtesy of The International Spinal Cord Society (ISCOS) Marcalee Alexander, Editor-in-Chief, Spinal Cord Series & Cases.

COVID-19 and spinal cord injury and disease: results of an international survey:

COVID-19 tsunami: first case of a spinal cord injury patient in Italy:

Let’s conquer COVID-19 and sustain our abilities:

Spinal cord injury care during a global pandemic:

"In these difficult times Spinal Cord Series and Cases is here to bring to you a first case report of a patient with SCI and COVID-19, the results of our International Pulse Survey and two Editorials which provide comments on the current situation, along with other educational resources. Please disseminate this information freely to all your colleagues so that we may conquer COVID-19 and become better clinicians with increased inclusivity and community in the process."

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